Have You Seen One Of The Best Pools In Boracay?

Have You Seen One Of The Best Pools In Boracay?

For a lot of Boracay island resorts, the pool area may seem unnecessary—a feature that doesn’t really need to impress. Besides, why put so much thought into making a lavish pool, when you’re next to one of the best beaches in the world?

Granted, the beaches in Boracay are a paradise on their own. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to step out of your room, and into a beautiful swimming pool that lets you take laps, sip cocktails, and socialize with other guests—no matter what time it is in the day?

At Aqua Boracay, not only is the main pool a sight to behold—it has redefined what a luxury pool should be. 

Complete with a lap pool, shallow pool, lounge pool, and jacuzzi linked together to form a huge, spectacular oasis-style pool with submerged decks at the center and surrounding cabanas and beach beds, the pool at Aqua Boracay is one of the best swimming pools in Boracay today.

Here, you can enjoy amazing parties, Ibiza style, and mingle with fellow guests whenever you feel like it. Or you can relax and enjoy a specialty cocktail from Bali’s King of Cocktails, Raka Ambarawan, or order from the Sexy Pool menu by award-winning chef Chele Gonzalez!

Swimming pools—even those in Boracay—shouldn’t be an afterthought. Visit the Aqua Boracay Resort and see for yourself.

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