The Ultimate Boracay Luxury Getaway Checklist

The Ultimate Boracay Luxury Getaway Checklist

Looking for the best place to stay in Boracay for an unforgettable luxury getaway? Make sure your resort checks all three boxes:

A Luxury Day Club

Who says Boracay is only famous for its nightlife? The Aqua Boracay Resort is home to Boracay’s first ever luxury Day Club, where you can wake up to a party happening right outside your hotel room. 

At The Day Club by Aqua Boracay, you don’t have to wait until sundown to party. Just had your lunch? No problem. Go ahead and grab any of our specialty cocktails created exclusively for Aqua Boracay by Bali’s King of Cocktails, Raka Ambarawan. Dip into our lavish luxury pool, vibe to the music, and join the fun.

Top-notch Food Options

People come to Boracay for its amazing sandy beaches, but what makes their stay even more memorable is the food they get to experience. At Aqua Boracay, we offer a wide selection of mouth watering dishes, as well as some of the best comfort food the island is known for. No need to go further than your own hotel to get a bite of the iconic Chori burger and Calamansi Muffin, as we have them here at the QTCHN for you to enjoy.

And, while it’s true that most Boracay resorts offer great seafood options, only an internationally-renowned chef such as Chele Gonzalez can take your hotel dining experience to a whole other level. Soon to offer a mix of delectable entrées and carefully reimagined dishes from all over the world, by Chele is a cut above the usual Boracay dinner fare. Stay tuned, as it’s set to open very soon. 

Exclusive Parties in Your Very Own Luxury Suite

Throw the party of your dreams and give your guests the ultimate Aqua Boracay experience in a stunning luxury suite—complete with your very own private pool that’s sure to impress and keep the party going well into the morning. Book the Miami Presidential Suite Ocean View for a massive 606 sqm of party space, or go big with the 682 sqm Ibiza Presidential Suite Ocean View. It seems like there’s no limit to what you can do in these luxury suites.

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