Why You Should Go To Boracay During The Ber Months

Why You Should Go To Boracay During The Ber Months

Can you believe it? It’s already September! People usually go to Boracay Philippines during the peak months in the summer, but ber months on the island is definitely something you should experience as well. Here’s why:

The beautiful sunrise at Bulabog Beach

If you’re looking for the best Boracay resorts to stay in during the off-peak season, make sure to find those with great, unobstructed views of the sun rising.

It is said that the sunsets and sunrises in Boracay are the most beautiful in the months of September and October. And while you can definitely take our word for it, we know that you’ll have to go and see this for yourself. Another upside to that is: if you’re planning something special (say, a proposal), the Boracay sunrise during these “ber” months could be the best setting for you.

Want your special event done indoors? No problem. Aqua Boracay has sweeping and elegant function rooms that can be customized depending on the theme of your event. Book the Havana, Copacabana, or St. Tropez function rooms and create moments that are uniquely yours.

Cheaper rates

Traveling to Boracay during off-peak seasons can mean cheaper flights, accommodations, and activities. This means you can afford to stay on the island longer or try even more activities with the money you’ll save! A quick tip: The latter weeks of October and December can get quite crowded and expensive because of the holidays, so make sure to plan and book your trips early!

Smaller crowds

During the ber months, there’s a high chance for you to enjoy the beach and have it all to yourself (again, except the latter weeks of October and December!) Given that fewer people choose to visit Boracay in the months following August, you can find yourself a nice Boracay holiday resort with ease. Choose one that’s in Bulabog Beach, if you want an even smaller crowd. At the Aqua Boracay, you can book any of our Ibiza or Miami suites, and soak in your very own private pool for an even more serene experience.

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